I worked with Kenneth when I was looking to sell my Andara Residence unit and buy one of the Andara Villas. It was an interesting exercise in that the Villa seller wanted to down size while I was looking for a larger place for my family.

The seller wasn’t sure where they would buy a smaller place, but throughout the process, Ken rightfully advised me that the seller would inevitably want to stay in Andara after looking at the market outside, and that could lead to an interesting “swap”.

Ken was very helpful given his knowledge of the overall market, in establishing a fair value for both my Residence that I was selling, and the Villa I was looking to buy. And since both the of us were sellers and buyers at the same time, trusting Ken that the transactions were fair, made the entire exercise very smooth. We were able to avoid a lot of legal costs and other things that would normally bog down the process and add cost to both sides. In the end both of us were happy buyers and sellers thanks to Ken’s great help!

My wife and I were introduced to Ken when he was working as a realtor for another Phuket company back in 2010. What struck us most was his very affable Irish sense of humor and approach to life, and his no-nonsense way of dealing with the minefield of property in Thailand. He listened to what we were looking for and picked out the top three; of course we asked to see a dozen, and off we went for several days with Ken looking around to get an idea of what was available. Happy to stop at places we passed on our journey, he was invaluable. We finally chose one of Ken’s original top 3 picks and he helped us purchase the property off plan, the build and legal recommendations, and even after we moved in, was always available to answer the myriad of questions . Over 10 years later we still stay in touch and have become good friends, and Ken setup his own successful business called Ideal Tropical. What more could you want from a realtor helping you on the path to a new property? If you are serious about purchasing a property in Phuket you will be hard pressed to find a better man. Ken Gondry has my full recommendation.

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